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Great Shirt

My husband loves this shirt. It’s super soft, comfortable and fits fantastic.

Good soft shirt. Love the graphic.

Not a knockoff faith based shirt to be found here

Great T-shirt, design and great T-shirt quality. Looking forward to new designs and more purchases. I love the brand and that it expresses the gospel and is in line with my personal style. Sparked lots of conversations when I wear it this amazing conversation to share the gospel.

Sharper T-shirt
Edward Gonzales

I'm 6'0", 200lbs and the 2x fits me well. But in all honesty, I wish the fabric was thicker. Like Shakka or Pro Club. The collar is also a bit wide in my opinion, a tighter fit around the neck would be ideal. Good quality overall though, and the design is awesome. 👍 TY beloved.

Heart of Flesh Hoodie
christopher cymek
Simply the best

Was wanting this one for a long while, sold out quick. Love the design, great meaning. Original layout and placement. Comfortable hoodie great conversation starter.

True Vine T-shirt
Marlene Mercado
Great quality and fit

Loved my shirts! I love the way they fit my body. They have a tailored feel to them & they’re soft so I don’t mind cleaning my glasses on them

Quality Work

Great design great quality! Loved the hand written note! God bless!

Cloud Rider T-shirt
Wesley Soto

Cloud Rider T-shirt

Collar issue

Collar was little to "stretchy". As a bigger guy like the fit of the t-shirt. Have to be gentle pulling off the shirt, worried not to stretch out the collar.

True Vine T-shirt
Daniel Robles

Collar was little to "stretchy". As a bigger guy like the fit of the t-shirt. Have to be gentle pulling off the shirt, worried not to stretch out the collar.


I love the design and the quality of the shirts is great

Death Could Not Hold You T-shirt

His Name T-shirt
3 awesome shirts

I absolutely love the first 3 shirts that I ordered. The medium fits perfectly. The designs are so cool, represent the kingdom and our Lord, and are of great quality. I'm excited to buy more and look forward to new designs as well.

Quality Item as usual

Fit well and quality of item is great. I love the design and continue to purchase more items from this company.

Heart of Flesh T-shirt
Caitlyn Smith

My new favorite shirt!
I am going to order more as soon as we have the money!

Great shirt!

Great fit! I had several questions about it the first time I wore it.

Love, love, love!!!!

From the day I learned about Disciple Threads on a Facebook ad, this shirt was on my radar. My first purchase included this and the long sleeve Blood Bought shirt. Let me say, I was NOT disappointed in any way, shape, or form. I love this shirt. The message is spot on from the perspective of someone who had lived as a lukewarm Christian for so long and finally found freedom from my bondage to pornography when I surrendered it all to Jesus! I can't wait for the conversations I anticipate for this shirt to spark! The design is killer and the material of the shirt and print are excellent. I'm a fan of Disciple Threads! And I love so many of their designs!!!

First purchase from Disciple Threads and I'm impressed!

As my title states, this shirt was part of my very first order from Disciple Threads and I must say I am quite impressed!!!! The message, quality of the shirt, the print design, the sizing. It's a great design with an excellent execution and I will definitely be recommending them to my friends! The long sleeve Blood Bought is super nice. The gray color isn't "quite" what I would've liked, but it looks just as it was pictured online, so that's not a comment to the company's detriment in any way, just my personal preference. I'll be a returning customer! ;)


Very high quality hat in all areas, there is nothing better than having a great quality hat to glorify the king!

Awesome company

Shirts have great quality and fit right to size!


This is an awesome line of clothing. It is made for people like me, who may not fit your typical mold of Christian suit and tie Sunday outfit. Thank you for helping me express how I believe in Jesus in my kind of way!

Cloud Rider Zip Hoodie
Scott Jablonski
This depiction of Christ returning rocks! Definitely Kingdom work!!!

Quality zippy with a wonderful depiction of Christ return! Would definitely recommend! Thanks 🙏

King of Kings T-shirt
Robert Fulbright

I Love the shirt! Great quality and design!

Heart of Flesh T-shirt
Tanner Williams
Love it

T shirt is super comfortable & stylish. Highly recommend!

Meaningful Gift

I gave this T-Shirt to my son for his 25th Birthday. He said he really loved it and would wear it often. He is the one who let me know about the great items at Disciple threads as he gave me one of the flags for Christmas! We both enjoy DT merchandise's original designs and the witness they provide.